About Lisa Jennings Interiors

Interior Decorating & Design Questions

For your convenience we have tried to answer the most common questions clients have about Lisa Jennings Interiors and the interior design process. For further information please contact us at or call 727.462.0540.

Q: What are your business hours?

Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm. However, each client's schedule and needs vary, therefore we also will be happy to schedule appointments with you at times that are a better schedule fit. We strive to offer schedule convenience and flexibility.

Q: What kind of interior style does Lisa Jennings Interiors do best?

Lisa Jennings Interiors does not specialize in any single interior design style. Our mission is to create a style that is interpretive of the client's personal expression. From contemporary to eclectic, transitional to traditional, we have assisted clients in transforming their interiors into something well-planned and exquisitely detailed, all to meet the client's goals.

Q: Do I receive any discounts on products that I purchase through Lisa Jennings Interiors?

A benefit of working with an interior designer with access to "trade only" sources yields savings. Often this offsets designer fees making your project more affordable.

Q: What is your pricing structure?

We have two types of pricing structures in which we work from.

  • Our Cost-plus option is one where as the client makes purchases assisted by Lisa Jennings Interiors, they are then charged for the purchase, plus an additional percentage over the cost of the product.
  • Our Hourly Fee option is one where as the client works with the designer, a flat hourly rate is charged while working on the varied services and project requirements. This option is especially helpful when working with more confined budgetary needs or where the client merely requires assistance with shopping or purchasing decisions.

During your initial consultation, Lisa Jennings Interiors will assist you in deciding which option is most cost effective for your project.

Q: This is a second home. How can I approach this project when my time there may be limited?

Second homes are quite common in the Tampa Bay area. Long distance or local, communication is always critical. Through phone, internet, camera, Skype, overnight and express mail to physically see fabric and color palettes, etc., we can accomplish much in creating the interior you desire.

As important, trust is a critical success factor. Be sure your decorator is licensed and willing to provide references. Interior design should be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your decorator/designer.

Q: What size projects does Lisa Jennings Interiors accept? Can I start with one room?

We gladly accommodate all budgetary concerns and want to make good interior design affordable. We will show you how to make the most impactful changes to your interior while staying within your budget.

Many of our clients like to start with one or two rooms to try out our services and ensure that we can meet your goals on a smaller based project before moving onto any larger scale commitments. We pride ourselves on the good and long-standing relationships that we have established with our clients. We often find ourselves working with them over the course of several years in order to accomplish their "wish list" or even after moving on to another home.

Q: What do I need to know about your initial consultation?

Our Initial Consultations are scheduled by appointment. The fee for this consultation is $100 and should be scheduled for a two-hour commitment. Commonly, a color scheme or palette is established or begun. This initial meeting is also the best time to show your decorator/designer any clippings from magazines or pictures of environments or style you favor.

Q: Does Lisa Jennings Interiors service interiors outside of the Tampa Bay area?

Lisa Jennings Interiors serves clients across the United States and in the Caribbean. When working remotely the client will incur travel expenses. In working out of another area, we utilize our industry expertise to assist the client in locating as many local suppliers and craftspeople to keep shipping and travel to a minimum.

Do you have more questions for us? Are you ready for your initial interior design consultation? Please contact Lisa Jennings Interiors.