Interior Style Guide

What's Your Style?

Lisa Jennings Interiors accommodates all styles and prides itself in creative and distinctive solutions for every project. Lisa Jennings Interiors often recommends mixing old with new and mixing textures with simplicity for dramatic impact. A few of the more popular design concepts are listed below. Click on each to see more examples of the concept.

Metropolitan Metropolitan
Blend chic, contemporary, urban, "what's new" and you have a beginning to metropolitan style design.
Coastal Coastal
Different regions have different basic styles and we feel they are all interchangable. The real question with coastal design is "What are you trying to accomplish?"
European European
Trying to define a European design as "Old World" would be a good place to start, but it is certainly only a start.
Montano Montano / Log Cabin
Lisa Jennings Interiors thinks rustic when a client asks for Montano style design. Different regions have different looks. Decorate one region in another or mix? Absolutely!
Contemporary Contemporary / Modern
The most significant element of contemporary design is line. Clean, simple and uncluttered.
Kids Kids
Whatever your dreams are.